Production and sale
of alkali metals

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The alkaline metal of silver-white colour. In air, the surface of potassium tarnishes quickly, subjected to oxidation under the influence of moisture and oxygen.

During long storage in a small air access, potassium metal covered with a layer of peroxide compounds, the existence of which presents a serious risk when attempting to cut large pieces of metal that could cause a fire or explosion.

Working with metallic potassium requires appropriate staff and special conditions.

To avoid oxidation, the technical potassium, commercially available, typically stored in a tightly closed container under a layer of mineral oil or some light hydrocarbons.

The metal of higher purity, intended for demanding purposes, stored in sealed ampoules made of a special glass.

You can buy pure potassium metal, vacuum packed in glass ampoules* at a price from 0,7 to 5 dollars per gram.

*The shape and volume of ampoules agreed with the customer.